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  • Perhaps it's already possible, since it seems like it should be, but how can we set variable color filters?

    The only way I know how to do this is to have overlaying sprites that have variable opacity settings, which is just too much.

    Am I missing a basic function of Construct, or is this a valid feature request?

  • Already possible, and oddly enough its called set color filter. You should be able to find it under the sprite actions, appearance I believe. Then you can set r,g, and b by right clicking the color selector and choosing "use expression".

  • Yes! I had a bad feeling I was just missing something obvious. Thanks for pointing it out for me

    Edit: Spoke too soon. Exactly how do I use an expression?

    I choose "Set Colour Filter" and choose "Custom Color", but how can I give it an expression when the fields only accept numbers. Perhaps I misread or simply misunderstood what you meant, but in any case I still don't know how to do this.

    Edit 2: Durr I could of sworn that I had tried that, but turns out I didn't! For anyone who doesn't know, you must right click just above the color, where it says "Filter".

    Although it did give me an error... something about JazzUpTellTaleButton or something. Not sure.

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  • Right click the bar and press "use expression". after that, use the "rgb(R,G,B)" expression to make up an expression.

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