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  • While Construct is quite a powerful tool, there's a few usability issues that make working harder than it should be. These issues are mainly in the Event Sheet Editor.

    First of all, you can't create subgroups inside groups directly. If you want subgroups, you have to create a group outside groups and then drag it into another group. Not good.

    Another things about groups: Please add a "New event" button to the end of each group! It's incredibly annoying to try create events into right places when at worst you'll have to make them to the end or start of code and then move into the right place or copypaste another event and change conditions. Right-clicking on an event and having a "Insert event" in the context menu wouldn't hurt either.

    Copypasting actions is also working kinda funky: If you copypaste actions into a condition that already has multiple actions, the actions will be always placed after the first action, and not moved to the end of the actions.

    Creating a new event by clicking on the left side of an event and then pressing the "new event" also tends to create the event somewhere where it clearly shouldn't be, like the start or end of the code, especially if you do this with an event that's located in a group.

    One of the most important things: You can't press enter and have it register as "Finish" when creating actions! This is one of the most annoying things in the Event Sheet editor and slows down work a lot.

    Power alone isn't enough if it's a pain in the ass to take use of it, so I'd say focusing on usability issues is quite important.

  • I agree with everything this man says, especially the stuff relating to groups and the copy/paste system.

  • Thirded.

  • Also, you can't paste anything onto an empty Even Sheet.

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  • These are all very good points, aka "fifthed."

  • sex'd

    I mean... sixth'd


  • sevenated or something... i also want to repeat that i think the word "insert" is over-used. instead of

    edit condition

    invert condition

    insert new condition

    insert comment

    insert sub-event

    etc... i would prefer something like



    new condition



    Like it is now it slows down since you always automatically read the word insert three times each time you change something.

  • Bumping my own thread with some more stuff...

    Okay, the first thing which has bugged me for quite a while is the fact that when you click a button to hide / lock layer, it selects the layer. This should not happen, as if you're hiding / locking a layer, you most likely won't want to add stuff to that layer. It's a real pain in the ass when I'm working on levels with lots of layers that need to match up, then when I check an upper layer (by making it visible and invisible) the layer selection should stay at the layer I was originally on, not change to the layer I just showed / hid / locked / unlocked.

    Also, you still can't press enter as a keyboard shortcut "Finish" in the expression editor. You can do this for Next, why couldn't you do it for Finish?

  • Im in too.

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