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  • Well, I know in general any form of online coding is difficult. I've looked up quite a few resources and have tried working with it myself and have really come to no avail with it. I know some guys are working on, or saying they are working on a plugin to enable full online capability to Construct which would be a fantastic addition to the program.

    For now though, I noticed there is a download file object; however, there is no upload file object. Granted that downloading requires significantly less server interaction than uploading. I think a great temporary solution for online interactions for those of us that only require more simple methods of online capabilities could be through the use of an Upload file object so that applications would be able to at the least be able to share data by uploading and downloading from a server.

    Of course I am a rather savvy coder myself, I'd gladly help with a plugin for Uploading, or even with the full Online plugin itself. I would do it all myself, but when it comes to network coding I really wouldn't know where to start; though, I do believe I can be of great assistance working with someone that has greater experience with it than myself.

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  • The HTTP object can handle multipart uploads, which any standard ASP/PHP script can support.

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