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  • So I was lurking around the clickteam forums and found the best thing since Magicam: The Ultimate Fullscreen plugin!

    "Make games in fullscreen without changing the resolution mode, while maintaining aspect ratio. Your game can be any resolution. Widescreen games are displayed in letterbox on normal screens, and non-widescreen games are displayed with black bars on the sides. Pixels are crisp and not anti-aliased.

    There are also options for pixel-perfect scaling (integer-only scale), Hor+ and Vert- widescreen, and manual control of the game rectangle."

    PROBLEM IS it's for Multimedia Fusion. However, the creator uploaded the source HERE

    Would it be possible to get this to work with Construct Classic? If so, is anyone interested?

  • This would be a complete godsend. I am working on a game in 320x240 and I just realized that I can't use the built-in fullscreen function because my card's drivers (Radeon 5870) won't go any lower than 640x480.

  • It really,really would. I've tried every method of window scaling, full-screen and the like that's been posted here on the forums and every single one of them had some major drawback. Many people have resorted to scaling up their graphics so their games appear to be at 2x. I did it for Minitroid and it sucked, and I still never managed to get fullscreen working for it!

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  • A temporary work-around might be to go fullscreen (allow a changing of resolution) and then zoom in on your image proportional to the new resolution, if you use point resizing it should still display correctly.

  • This would be awesome...

    Pretty please?

  • I'm making a 640 x 480 game. At the start, I change display resolution to users desktop size (using sys info object). Then set zoom to "100 * (SysInfo.GetScreenHeight/480)", this means widescreen users will see more on the sides too. Though I'm using linear scaling.

  • Not to be rude but like I said - everything I've tried with events has some major drawback.

    If you just set display res and zoom (like pretty much everyone here suggests) then you can double, triple, even quadruple your VRAM, and layers with a scroll rate of 0% won't work (among other things). You also need to set the scrollx,scrolly, check unbounded scrolling, and increase layout size. It's messy and all around a bad solution imo.

    If you use the window object then the display gets blurry on certain videocards.

    And that's just window scaling. I still don't think you can get a decent fullscreen working unless your default window size is greater than 640x480..not to mention aspect ratio.

    I just don't see why it's so hard to implement this stuff / why it isn't a priority. Crappy gameboy emulators are better at this stuff than Construct!

    Sorry that was uncalled for, but it's true :T

  • Unfortunately it looks like the issue is with Construct itself, so a plug probably wont help here.

    I'd suggest making a request on the crowdfunding site, but again the issue is most likely on the Construct side, so that would require some input from Ash in some way.

  • What about just using zoom (without res\layout size changing), for both window and fullscreen?

    I've used this in my last game which was with lo-res graphics and didn't mentioned any issues

  • You do that, DM613.

    Anyway, Ashley put this up, does this do what you want?

  • Jayjay, don't answer spammers posts ^^

    For moderators, last message in page 1 needs moderation.

  • You do that, DM613.

    Anyway, Ashley put this up, does this do what you want?

    Yeah I contacted Ashley earlier and he made that for us :) works great. Got it working with 1-4x zoom in windowed & fullscreen.

  • > You do that, DM613.


    > Anyway, Ashley put this up, does this do what you want?

    Yeah I contacted Ashley earlier and he made that for us :) works great. Got it working with 1-4x zoom in windowed & fullscreen.

    That's odd, because I presented you the very same solution a few times, some weeks/months ago, where you said it would not work ;)

  • O_o Really? I knew about the zooming method but I could never get it working in fullscreen before, not to mention the letterboxing. I remember you posting something about that but I guess I didn't get it at the time :<

    I also found out the zooming method doesn't increase VRAM because of upscaling the graphics, it just increases that chunk of VRAM that is taken when adding your first effect to something..so that's a relief.

    Anyway, there's one problem with this method I haven't been able to figure out.. Since layers with a scroll rate of 0% don't work with this, you have to position the letterboxing & HUD elements with events. On top of that, if you want scrolling, you have to set the scroll position event(s) BEFORE the letterboxing/HUD element position events, otherwise they will "drag" behind the camera.

    That said, using "Center view on me" or Magicam won't work, as the effects for these seem to come after the event sheets. Is there any way to get around that?

  • Might try manually setting scrollx, and scrolly using a variable.


    -+is player.value("scroll")=1

    ->system set scrollx to player.x

    ->system set scrolly to player.y

    That's pretty much the same thing as center view on me.

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