UI HUD + Effect + advanced AI with python

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  • Hi

    Construct is simply brilliant. I cannot thank you folks enough!

    Q.1: Is python scripting fixed in Construct 0.98.9 ?

    Q2: can I script my game logic completely python? in other words,

    do you support full-fledged scripting with python? Are there any limitations?

    Q3: can I import & use these modules ? (http://docs.python.org/modindex.html )

    I want to use Construct to create several prototypes of my NPC AI in pure python.

    Basically keep the entire brains of the game outside in external python scripts.

    I want to Construct to handle just the graphics , HUDs, UI , animations , sounds & music

    Do you have recommendation for reading & learning how to best do this ?



  • Python works, but currently requires that you, and any end users, have Python installed, I believe. David can elaborate more.

    I'm not sure at the current time you can write your entire game in Python. It's designed to supplement the event system, not replace it - but maybe in future it will be equally as powerful.

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  • There's a few things you can't currently do with Python, notably interface with behaviors and effects. Other than that I'd think most things could be done with Python easily.

  • I still haven't found a way to access instances in python.

    How do I do something with all Sprite's ? (not just one Sprite)

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