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  • Hello,

    I've been using Construct for some time, but I'm a lousy programmer, so a friend of mine decided to help me with that, and now he's programming and I'm doing the art.

    The "problem" is that since we're both working on the same project, using different computers (not on a network), whenever he gets to programming done I have to copy everything I've done (level layout and such) to there and spend a lot of time re-arranging everything..

    So I wanted tips from anybody that's in the same situation. What's the best way to deal with this? Should I let him program, wait for it, then have him send me the file and start doing my own thing? Or should we take turns?

    Thanks for any input. Here's the very beggining of what we're doing - ... ahv004.rar

  • If it is construct 1 then you could use something like event groups with comments. That way you could title them and know who made the changes always.

    Other than that i am not so sure, i guess just plan before who would do what to make things easier to know what would be edited and made.

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  • definitely takes turns. There's no point in redoing everything over and over. Make set times to make changes or set days.

    I would get a dropbox account. That would just take away some of the tedium of uploading. Definitely each new save name it incrementally, like MyGame1.cap, MyGame2.cap, MyGame3.cap, etc. But then you can work out of the dropbox folder, and when you save, it's already uploaded, and when he turns on his pc, it's already downloaded. there's no extra process

    aside from that, c1 doesn't really have too many team friendly features, I'm afraid

  • C2 will support multi developers a lot better

  • C2 will support multi developers a lot better

    That's GREAT to hear.

    At the end I decided to create a google code site and use SVN, so everything's working ok. The nly problem is that there's no lock option, se we can't lock the file while someone's working on it (stupid google code). But it's better than calling him to warn that I'll mess with the file haha.

  • We use a feature of Dropbox called a "shared" folder. Beyond that, there's collaboration software. Check out Collanos.

  • Or let him program with boxes of the correct size for the the art work. You independently do the art by yourself and near the end just drop in your quality art

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