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  • It seems most people are moving onto .84 and posting caps in response to questions using that version, so just how stable is it?

    Also, I already have two versions of Construct because of the change with the platform behavior messing up a game. I can't remember what I had to do to use two versions though, is it just as simple as changing the folder name of the old version? I seem to remember there being something else but I can't remember what.

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  • I'm using .99.84 out of necessity but I haven't run into any problems with Construct crashing during editing or testing (outside of my own errors). I've sent .cap's and .exe's to friends and they haven't had any problems running them other than the occasional person needing to update DirectX.

    I used to have multiple versions of Construct installed and all I did was change the folder name. I imagine you can still do the same thing.

    I've mainly just been using the physics and platform behavior in different .cap's though, so maybe other people can tell you what kind of problems (if any) they have run into with the newest unstable release.

  • 0.99.84 Seems very stable to me, its only crashed once due to my own mistake. The only thing that's annoying me about it is how buggy the family functionality is at the moment, mainly just the family.count bug though (although there is a workaround and that is to instead of using familyname.count you use countmatching("familyname")).

  • Guess its time for another change then. Thanks guys.

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