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  • Anyone who has bought MineCraft will be aware of the system.

    You register with the website, buy the game through PayPal using the same name as you registered with, the website system automatically gets updated with usernames that have bought the game, and those users are allowed to download updates when you log in using the username through the software.

    I'm not sure how anything made with Construct could utilise this approach (though I'm sure it's possible), but in general, how would someone approach this setup?

    I'm just looking for an overview of what's required really.

    Although I won't need to put this in place just yet, it's something that I think would be useful to know.

    Any help appreciated.


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  • If you don't know how it's done then you probably don't wanna try to do it because the security issues involved are immense.

    Basically you should have a secure SQL sever database that both Construct (through python I guess), the website and billing reads to for usernames / passwords. I'm sure Paypal has a simple token system, where it can send a query when the order has gone through, validating the account automatically.

    The biggest problem is to secure the connection between the client or website to the SQL database. I have no idea how that is done so if anyone have a clue please enlighten us, I'm curious as well. Someone who knows basic binary hex shit can access a lot of that stuff in a Construct binary exe file I'm sure, which is why it's very scary.

  • Why not just do it via email?

    Heck you could probably even have the demo/installer do it for you.

    Just have the game send a request to paypal to bill them, and on the conformation page/email from paypal you can have a password for the game.

  • And if your game is the next hit... good luck handling thousand requests.

  • And if your game is the next hit... good luck handling thousand requests.

    Lol, I don't think anyone's going to have the sort of hit that Notch has had with MineCraft , but it is a good system to use.

    I think a good compromise is to have some of it automated, and other parts manual.

    I think I have a good handle on this now.



  • maybe it's possible to do this using drupal and with few modules .

    you can restrict the full versions to Premium Members . or if you want to sell each game separate the might be a paypal/ubercart modules for that. but then again i didn't do this before(my games are free).but, I"m sure it's possible

  • I have the answer.

    1. PHP / MySQL Web Site

    Whatever you'd like for the site, along with a paypal/user registration system. There are CMS solutions out there that do this, including my own at

    2. Software Interaction With Server

    Your game doesn't interact directly with the MySQL Database, it goes through a PHP interface at an HTTP url. That way, there are no passwords or usernames stored in your game EXE, as it is just a regular web client doing the authentication.

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