How does the Timeline Object work exactly?

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  • Well it seems that there isn't a wikia page explaining the Timeline object, if so I couldn't find one, and the link on the Object List page leads to an non-existing wikia page so I guess there isn't one just yet. I tried a bit of expirimentation with the object but I never managed to make anything, It looks like something simple but by poking around with it without knowing how it works I cant make anything.

    Soooo...How can I make a chain of events with specific timing using the Timeline object?

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  • First add the object, and a window will pop up, or double click the object in the panel.

    You then click the button at the bottom to "add period". Each period has a delay, and a start time, as well as with previous, and after. With will start as soon as the period above it is started. After will start after.

    On the event sheet you trigger what period you want to start first and choose what you want to happen within the period.

    This is just the basics, do a search in the forum, I think there is an example in uploads.

    You may also want to check out the timer behavior.

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