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  • I'm trying to figure out how time works. What I want to do is, let's say your time is set like 5:00 (that is minutes) and that need to be count to 0 & then the system close the application.

    I know it's got something to do with (global variables) but I can't get it to work right!

    I know how to make a timer count. but what I don't understand it won't show 5:00 but instead it shows 0 & then it starts to count like 1,2,3,4,5 instead of showing 5:00 first & then it must count from 5:00 to 0.

    Can anybody maybe make a cap file to show me how it's done?

    many thanks.


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  • Make a global variable named Time, set it to 5 on start of layout.

    Put an Always event that says:

    Set Globlal Variable: global variable Time - Time Delta

    Put an global variable condition event and do:

    When global variable Time <= 0

    Close aplication

  • Thanks

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