Tiling on 3D Box?

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  • Is it possible to use tiling on the 3D Box object?

    One of my projects is a Top-down old-school GTA driving scene using 3D Boxes as houses and other object to give that pseudo 3D look (although it's definitely not a GTA style game), and I'd like to stretch a 3D Box now and again for a row of houses, but have the texture tile the same way as the background image does so that it looks right.

    Otherwise I have to use a 3D Box for each house.


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  • I agree it would be nice to have that as an option. I believe it was requested a long time ago, but I don't know if there was ever any official word on the matter.

  • 3D box was always an experiment (which people have been able to do crazy cool stuff with), but it probably means it'll stay as it is for now. Even if it supported tiling, it'd certainly require a power-of-two texture (unlike tiled background which can fake it with non-power-of-two).

  • So what would be the alternative method of using a mesh to create the same sort of 3D Box that's textured independently on 5 sides?

    I've used 3D Max for many years, so I'm no stranger to meshes, but your mesh program is just a distortion method really, and I can't see a way of reproducing a 3D Box with it (although I haven't looked at it in any great length).

    It's a shame that you see the 3D Box as an experiment that's not going to be furthered.

    In some ways, it's one of Construct's more obviously striking features, and with a few enhancements could be useful for a lot of people.


  • You would have to figure out the u,v coords, then set the mesh up in quadrants kinda like this:


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