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  • To avoid a huge influx of everyone under the sun posting their own competition thread, let's test the waters first. After all, you don't want to just post a thread and then get no replies, do you? That would be pretty embarrassing. And the forum might fill up with dead threads with no posts. I can see that we will need a bit of quality control to keep that sort of thing down. So...

    Welcome to The Thunderdome.

    Here you can play around with your ideas and try to rally some interest in your competition before committing to a thread.

    Some guidelines:

    • Post your competition idea in this thread.
    • Put some thought into it. Make it interesting.
    • Get some feedback from other members to see who might be interested in your competition.
    • Work out any details for your competition here, based on feedback from interested members.
    • Try to round up at least a few interested people before posting your announcement thread.
    • If people aren't interested in your competition, then please don't post a thread. No hard feelings, just try to come up with a different idea.
    • When you make your thread, link back to your Thunderdome test post so we can see that you've made an effort to craft a decent competition.


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  • Good idea. Since I already posted a thread (shame on me ) I'll use it to check the interest in my idea. But I'll surely use the thunderdome for the next (if my One Buck thing doesn't work).

    For people who might be interested, the One Buck Challenge will always have one single rule, which will be different each time (even if an old rule may come back later).

    The theme will also change and it might be based on actual events or something. I always liked games with deeper meaning than just good old dirty plain fun.

    Whoever succeed in amusing me, wins one of my precious dollar! Nah just kidding, there will be a voting process, as mentioned in the thread.

    If you guys have any idea to make that comp more interesting just tell me, or start your own *%&% comp! Nah just kidding you all.

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  • TIGSource had a contest several years back in which the contestants used a random video game title generator to determine the title/theme of their game. Titles like "Preschool Outlaw Bandits" or "Robot Love Squadron" have some potential xD

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