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  • I have a lot of objects in the games I'm making, and a lot of them are background objects that aren't coded. Searching for objects in the various editors (expression editor, place object at, etc.) takes a while because it's cluttered with so many objects and they're not in any sort of order that I can tell - the order randomizes itself a little bit every time a .cap is opened.

    What I would like to suggest is collapsable object groups (perhaps based upon families) and alphabetical object sorting. That would make it much easier to find objects.

  • This is a brilliant idea and I whole-heartedly support it. Sure we have families of objects, but that doesn't hold a candle to collapsible object grouping.

  • Till "collapsable object groups" get implemented.

    You could make use of the layers to go easyer along with your objects. With respect to the Z-orders ofcourse.

    The layer TAB on the right has a dropdown menu in the middle to filter out objects based on there layers.

    You can also make Layers invisible/visible to aid.

    You can select objects from the listed objects in the LAyers TAB.

    You can drag layers to change Z-order easy.

    You even can drag objects selected (in the low part) in the layer pane to differend layers (in the higher parts)

  • Perhaps a tab control along the top when picking an object for events?

    I think allowing them to be put in to groups is a good idea. However, the search box at the top of the Event Wizard was added for this precise reason. If youre objects are handily named you should be able to filter them out in a second. I still think groups should be added though for huge games.

    Other places like object parameters though can get very messy.. I'm not sure of an ideal solution there because space is limited.

  • Either way, I definitely agree the object list should be alphabetically sorted, and folders would help with loads of objects.

  • I think someone (deadeye?) allready requested a checkbox on each object to remove it from the event list editor, any plans of doing that?

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  • I think that's a very good idea .

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