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  • Helloo,

    This is an open letter to ashley/tigerworks/whatever you go by nowadays. I just wanted to say THANKS for all the hard work you put into Scirra. Thanks for making it open source. Thanks for listening to people's concerns on the forums and THANKS for being so quick to fix bugs and address people's feature requests! Edit: and thanks to all the other people who are working on Scirra now, too. Rich, are you still around?

    I know the last time I was on this forum was like a year ago or something, and I was waiting for Construct to become relatively stable before I'd attempt making a game with it, but I kinda got sidetracked while promoting and selling the soundtrack to said game I wanted to create and stuff and kinda forgot about scirra for a while because I got another job offer in the process xD

    Yesterday, I gave Construct a spin just as a little distraction and I must say it's come a very long way. I see the mod plugin's still very simple, but holy crap I didn't even realize I hadn't really tried it after hearing what engine it was using for playback. I made a mistake in that. The output is very crisp, and while it still doesn't support IT resonance filters, I think that can be worked around if what it gives in return is a trouble-free and low cpu cost implementation of MOD playback. It took me all of 2-3 minutes to figure out how to place a MOD object, open the event sheet editor, and test out some of the songs I wrote for my game in it. Very awesome! (By the way, is there a variable for application path?)

    When I last left Construct, you guys were just beginning to implement Python. Has it become the dominant way to write games for it now? After Gamemaker's scripting language became full-featured, the non-scripting parts of it kinda withered on the vine. I hope that's not been the case for Construct, because so far what I've seen is that the system is rapidly becoming more exiting to me than when I last checked out MMF2. (To any clickteam folk reading this, that's not a slam on MMF2, it's just a compliment to Construct!)

    Anyway, keep up the good work. After I finish this current job, I want to give Construct and Scirra another shot, and maybe finish the game I had started more than a year ago in MMF. The new python engine seems very exciting potential for a custom tile engine, and having not finished a game since 2003 I think I've been getting a little rusty B:

    Thanks again


  • Thanks for the kind words

    (By the way, is there a variable for application path?)

    Have a look at AppPath.

    [quote:3raylbnu]When I last left Construct, you guys were just beginning to implement Python. Has it become the dominant way to write games for it now?

    Quite the opposite... Python is currently broken, and isn't working at all We're hoping to fix it in the next build. Once it's working again we're not going to leave either scripting or events behind; scripting is deliberately designed to work in tandem with events (eg. for processing complex expressions or intensive loops and algorithms that are difficult to express in events). In the meanwhile, we've still been developing the eventing engine, such as ELSE (and if/else if/else if chains), OR, advanced functions, subevents, for-each/for-each ordered/one-line loops and so on.

    I don't think anyone's managed to make a game entirely out of Python yet, it would be interesting to see how that works out. But Construct is definitely still centered around the event sheet editor.

  • i just found about the construct today. i also want to give my gratitude to the hard workers at scirra for this wonderful program.

    i have never seen a program that makes application development look so easy and in plain english. i love it!

  • oh and the event sheet is definitely the best part about this program!

  • I can't third this enough. I have horrific amounts of respect for the developers.

  • So I heard I had to come in this thread and be all like, signed.


  • /sign

  • Welcome back Nobu. Is the project you're talking about finishing that one with the diving cat?

    I remember it from Pod's old mascot compo...

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  • yup, that's the one. My tile making skills suck, but last thing I did was make a thingy that converted a 1-bit image into a nice big tilemap, which was a start towards a level maker :V ... l_test.png


    That looks sweet, did you do that with Construct?

  • That looks cool .

    We're all still around, I've been very busy recently moving into a new house etc, but now it's all hands on deck for 1.0.

    Thanks for the encouragements.

  • sign

  • Seriously, thanks guys.

    A hell of a lot of work has gone in to this, and it shows .

  • Construct is going to become so huge, once it is ready to go.

    Thanks for everything you've done so far team Scirra, good luck making the big 1.0! ^_^

  • Signing this thanks post simply because by the time my game is done I will have been the biggest pain in the ass here. You guys deserve all the thanks we can give.

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