A TH Poker Card Game

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  • Hi, all and great job on the construct software, ..

    I'm currently designing a NEW game layout and concept for a THpoker game. I am in need of some info and any help or contributs, which will get you a name line as a contributor...etc (providing u give me the info).Im looking for these capabilities> up to 7 ppl, w/bots if possible, or just against the house. For Off-line game play w/game ($)earnings save capabilities and player photo input and stats. I have almost all the graphics and the design layout already setup, (its how i would like it to look); It will be Opensource, and a NO FRILLS SOFTWARE, nothing hidden or deseptive, and NO Internet. just simply FAIR(dealing...etc) gameplay. Mostly as a 'practice' game for the real games lol (in-person). I've spent a bit of time working on it and its now ready for advancement, and makig it all work. Im in currently in an off-line situation, but have access to a connection every few days or so, so lookin forward to seeing this project get finished. any help i recieve will get full recognition and included in the build, as per GNU GPL aggreements... Again Great job on Construct! Hoping it gets better.

    snakeBR6/BR6'S GAMES

  • Hey man. Sorry to tell you, but at this moment there is no online support for Construct. I'd point you to the card game object (right click, insert object-> card card) but nobody around here seems to know how to use it! LOL

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  • I made it, so if you have questions just ask.

    A simple useage would just be to use 'Shuffle', then 'Take top card' everytime you want a card. You can then use the conditions/expressions to see what the card was/check its suit/colour.

    It's fairly basic, so suggestions are also welcome .

  • LOL as easy as it sounds if you have time a tutorial on a simple card game would be most appreciated!

  • Looky here.

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