Texture filled polygons

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  • It would be nice to have the possibility to draw textured polygons in canvases, or just in the layer manually..

    Isn't it a nice feature?

  • What would you use it for? Doesn't mesh distortion do something a bit like that?

  • No, because I have to load meshes, and I want to make a polygonal textured map directly on a layer.. Meshes are totally another thing.. And with textured polygons you can also make collision detection.. Also there are many uses we can make with polygons, and textured polygons..

    For example see this game:


    It uses textured polygons for everything in the maps.. And the result is also very nice to see, don't you think?

    Game developers would find a very useful and interesting feature the possibility to draw texture polygons directly on the layer, and also at runtime via events!

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  • Looks like you can pretty much do that with sprites, they're made out of two polygons anyway...

  • .. Yeah, but it's not the same thing as i'm saying.. You cannot make textured polygonal maps in Construct..

  • Its doable, just not in the way you want to do it.

  • And what's the right way?

  • Till 0.99's stable I'd go with distort map, and dummy objects for collision detection.

  • You could do something like this:

    <img src="http://i39.tinypic.com/34sgmc7.png">

    Make yourself a tileset. With a modular tileset like this, you could make just about any shaped terrain you wanted easily by snapping the pieces to the layout grid and rotating them as needed. Use the tileset for your collisions. Changing them around for level testing would be fairly simple.

    Then when your design is in place, and your level plays how you want, grab some screenshots and stick them in the mesh editor as a template. Then tweak your meshes so they fit over your tiles, save the meshes, and place them in your levels over the tileset pieces.

    Edit: ARGH, newt beat me to it

  • Yeah like Deadeye said, you could even use the templates to make up the distort map by using imagepoints placed on the dummies.

    Btw this gives you the ability to make deformable terrain in real time.

  • Zomg.. Too much work deadeye! And it's hard! Making a mesh of the same shape of the map would be crazy and bad.. And I can't take a 3000x5000 screenshot I can only make a 1280x1024 map which is very small.. Nah..

    Textured polygons, please

  • isnt sprite distortion a textured polygon?

    it seems to me your being kinda lazy saying something too much work. making anything is going to be a lot of work.

    a game wont materialize and asking devs for a redundant feature because you dont want to try very hard isn't going to make you any better of a Congrammer.

  • Made a thread/mini tut on one way that you can do this:

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