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  • Would it be possible to implement a "Stop" action for the Text-to-Speech object? I'd also like an "Is speaking" condition.

    Also (and this one isn't as important) maybe some kind of pitch/speed settings as well, if possible? If that's not doable then the default voice will work okay, I'd just like to lower it a little bit. I do need the first two though, to make a sprite character "talk" using the text to speech object, something like:

    +TTS: Is speaking
       ->Sprite: Set animation to "MoveMouth"
       ->Sprite: Set animation to "Idle"
  • There are two ways to get different voices, you can either download the api from MS, and get a different voice, or record the voice and change it in something like Audacity.

    Problem with getting another tti voice is that if the user doesn't have the voice it wont work, and well I guess you can imagine the problems of recording voices.

  • I'm not looking for a different voice, just the ability to change the pitch, which I believe you can do in windows with the default voice so perhaps it's possible? I dunno. Regardless, the "Is playing" and "Stop" thingers are what I need most.

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  • Ha, what you need is a shader for sound.

    Maybe if someone ever makes a plugin for sound you could use that.

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