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  • Hey guys,

    Is there any way the text object could be improved? Right now it breaks lines in a really funny way. Example:

    It's not an apple, it's an orange!

    If Construct has to break the line at 'it' it'll break it apart like:

    It's not an apple it

    's an orange!

    Which of course doesn't really make a lot of sense. Is that on the feature list?

    Also, it seems like it doesn't recognize where to break the line until it actually already rendered text outside of the text box - and then it takes the word that already was outside of the textbox and puts it into the next line, which makes the whole thing look really weird.

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  • I asked about this a while ago and Ashley's response was that it's a part of directX that's coded incorrectly that he can't do anything about. That and font distribution problems are why I finally decided to use sprite-based text instead. I have an example and so does pixelrebirth, both accessible from this thread:

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