Text mode for events?

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  • After some time with construct I came to conclusion that I spend too much time for clicking things in event editor. So my question is: is there text mode for writing events? I suppose it can be called "scripting language". And if not, is it hard to implement that as plug-in or it would require major changes in source code?

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  • No scripting mode. It would be extremely difficult to implement, way past the realm of plausibility.

    However, you can type events using keyboard shortcuts. A, action, c, condition, e, event, s, subevent, then you can type to filter the name of the object, press enter, then type to filter the name of the condition, then press enter, then use the arrow keys/tab to work your way through the expression editor, then press tab twice to highlight finish.

    So making an event ends up like pressing: esy enter gr enter "groupname" tab tab enter.

  • You could always use python scripting if you want to.Classic Construct does support python scripting , Although it's a bit limited imo.

  • Python has its special cc rules and quirks to get used to, and its less limited than events. you should be able to do everything you can with events and more.

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