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  • Can we make Tetris like game which detects three or more instances of object


  • Since you seem to be asking a lot of questions about what kind of games you can make with Construct, let me give you this reply:

    You can make just about any 2D game with Construct. Yes, you could even make Tetris.

    Also, this is the wrong forum for general questions. This one is for games or demos that people want to share with others. You want either Construct Discussion or Open Topic for questions like this.

  • As deadeye said, you can make pretty much any 2D (or 2.5D game).

    You should follow the tutorials there are, read the forums, and the examples in the upload forum. After that you should have a sense of what you can accomplish, and what you can learn more about.

  • Yes, construct can make any kind of 2d game you can imagine. As rich said, check out the forums and uploads section for examples of how differents things are acomplished through events. just fire up construct and start messing around.

  • Then can someone somehow make a very simple tetris clone?

    i've been wrestling with the idea too and tried it, but I couldn't get it right..

  • its extremely easy, all you have to do is create square blocks, make all the various pieces out of square blocks, move them on a grid equal in size to the blocks, move each piece as a whole, then stop them when they hit another block/the floor. then all you have left to do is check for blocks in each row with a piece and destroy rows when they are full.

    before asking questions, try to figure things out for yourself, youll learn more that way.

  • Construct lends itself particularly well to making a tetris-like game.

    I'm still really new to Construct, but after viewing the Ghost Shooter Demo (http://www.scirra.com/tutorials) I think I know everything I need to in order to make a tetris game.

  • stainsor please post your tetris.cap

  • stainsor please post your tetris.cap

    hkg.mahwa, do you know what I'd like to see from you? Your own tetris.cap. Try making one yourself. You know the basics of Construct by now, just try creating it one step at a time. If you get stuck on a specific part then ask for help with that part in the Help/Tech forum. Then continue on. If you get stuck again, ask for help again.

    I'm sorry, but I find it rather irksome when people come in and just ask stuff to be made for them. Construct is a tool that helps you create your own games. Everyone here is glad to help out but please, show some initiative. Show some proof that you've at least tried making it.

  • stainsor please post your tetris.cap

    especially since what you did with the line rider cap. you just took linkmans code and added a little guy to it and a few buttons then slapped your name on it....Granted you did give him credit but still.... not cool.

    not trying to pick on you but man show something you have made on your own.

  • http://www.quotecats.com/what/tetris.cap

    not really as easy as you were making out.

    steal it do whatever you want lol i dont care, as long as you keep in scatman.

  • Yep, that's real tetris... it screws you over on the long pieces, just like the real game

    And don't get me wrong on this... it looks awesome and plays really well, and overall it's a very impressive example, but I don't think you're helping hkg.mahwa much by posting it.

    (By the way, you forgot to include the .mid file )

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  • stainsor please post your tetris.cap

    I don't have a tetris.cap. Who said I have a tetris.cap?

  • > stainsor please post your tetris.cap


    I don't have a tetris.cap. Who said I have a tetris.cap?

    Are you holding out ??



    Wow Faggatron, that was sweet!

  • I prefer tutorials and having things spelled out for me because I like to know how things run. I am really new to Construct 2, and am getting the mechanics down. I completed the Ghost Shooter Beginners guide, but In my head, I do not see the correlation between tetris and a Top Down Shooter. I understand the solid object, and possibly bullet movement to designated how the pieces are moved, but other than that I dont see the connection between the two. I myself am wanting to see some sort of tetris tutorial as well. Note that I wont just change a skin and call it mine, I have other ideas that I want to incoorperate, but if I can get the basis down, side tutorials should be able to help me get the rest.

    I am sort of with this guy, if there is any sort of possibility that someone can show me where to at least get started making a tetris-style game, please let me know asap. Thank you.


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