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  • Hi There.

    I've a couple of suggestions for construct.

    1� Is Possible in a future translate this software in others languages, like Spanish and Portuguese, because the most hard wall for new poeple in Construct is the language obstacle, i can translate the menus and the topics in wiki section, but only if the translation is in a .Ini file because i don't Know other ways.

    2�is if not possible translate, i suggest create a section/Chanel when the people Upload their video-tutorial/video examples because is always much better an image than words.

    (Sorry about my poor english level, i Speak Spanish)

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  • Hi kysan welcome to the forum

    There is a \languages\ directory under the Construct install, and I gather progress is gradually being made at making Construct fully translateable. It's not yet fully done though, so I'd hold off translating until it's ready. But it'll definitely be possible soon enough.

    A video section may be useful, but users can upload their .cap files or post links to youtube videos for now.

    Have fun using Construct

  • Hello,

    I am translating the folder English (UK) in Languages but not as activate the new language for testing

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