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  • In the next build there's something which id like to see but have never seen it in any game creation software,(If construct has it plz notify me im still learing) its similar to the fastloop, but its a little different. it would be called something like "-before updating display" and it would simply do what it says, i know fast loops do something similar, but they have to have specified amounts of times to run and in some cases they can be kinda of annoying when dealing with 2 instances of an object, like if you have 2 boxes and you make the events

    -box is not overlapping group ground

    =start loop "fall"

    -on loop "fall"

    =add 1 to Y

    the problem here would be even though 1 object is on the ground, the other one in the air would continue triggering the loop, thus getting a strange glitchy result

    but if we did it this way

    -before updating display

    +box is not overlapping group ground

    =add 1 to Y

    we would get the RIGHT result with more than one instance of the object and we would have a much cleaner event sheet also.

    i remember countless times where ive wanted something like this but i just couldn't find it.

    this isnt the best example because you wouldnt really need a loop for this but it does show why it would be usefull in situation where you need to use fastloops, but also need multiple instances of an object to be "doing there own thing" without affecting the others because they are all using the same loop, so if one objects in the air, they ALL go down from its loop triggering.

    (and yes you can add "box is not overlapping group ground" to -on loop "fall" add 1 to Y but thats beside the point, formulating a proper example would make this too complicated to explain, but it would be a usefull feature)

  • (and yes you can add "box is not overlapping group ground" to -on loop "fall" add 1 to Y but thats beside the point, formulating a proper example would make this too complicated to explain, but it would be a usefull feature)

    oops sorry, dint see canvas, but maybe implement the feature to draw ellipses, and polygons. ellipse by inputing x and y center and then setting vert radius and horiz radius, fill colour ect. and also the abililty to plot points for polygons and then have plot polygon using points, and then specify fill and line colour also line thickness, the canvas object seems really basic right now. it should get alot more features also give the ability to draw a rectangle from its center point and set its height and width line colour, and line thickness. simple drawing operations, but ellipse is the most important, especially if your making worms type terrain

  • I still dont understand the difference between what you're suggesting and on loop.

    surely "add "box is not overlapping group ground" to -on loop "fall" add 1 to Y" is exactly what you want??

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  • I'm a bit confused. I think you want the Function object, which can trigger an event and carry over the picked objects. But why don't you put the action in the actual event instead of starting a loop to call the action? Or, if you do need to repeat it, use a condition loop (like the 'Repeat N times' condition) and put it in a subevent to the main event. It will run the loop, and remember the picked objects. As for "Before updating display", I don't understand that, the display is updated at the end of the events so the events at the end of the event list are run just before updating the display

  • well kinda, but its not really for what i gave as an example. its hard to explain really. actually when i thin about it, what it really would need is a proprietary loop, calculated for each object, sorta of like an alterable value, its not affected by other objects proprietary loop. instead of having all boxes on the same loop and having complex events to make it only affect some objects, you could just say,

    -box is not overlapping group ground

    =start box's loop [specify name] [specify number] times

    -on box's loop [specify name]

    =set box y to box y+1

    sometimes you need each object to run their own loop or else you get a horribly complicated mix of lets say 500 objects each running on the same loop for themselves and stopping it for themselves when they hit the ground [the way it currently works ]. if you were to lets say control the amount they move down using how many times the loop would run. you would be unable to have multiple instances of an object.

    depending on what youre doing you might need this.

    i was writing my own physics engine in mmf2, and this very factor limited me from making more than one object using fastloops.

  • I think your problems arise from the fact you try to start loops from actions. There are loops you can run in single conditions in Construct, and these are usually better, because you can put them in a subevent and they remember the picked objects from above. Also, the 'For Each Object' loop sounds like it would be useful here. I think you're aiming for something like:

    + Box is not overlapping ground

    + For Each Box

    ----+ Repeat [number] times

    ----> Set box's Y to .Y + 1

  • oh. maybe u should explain subevents in the wiki i dont believe its an article yet. they seem usefull if i just knew what they DID lol.

    and read the part about the canvas, that actually a valid suggestion, it seems to basic for an object which should be really powerfull

    and wow i just realised something got screwed up when i edited my first post to talk about the overlay/canvas object. I quoted the wrong thing

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