Suggestion for importing animations

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  • I think i've suggested this before, but either nobody read it or i didn't make myself quite clear enough

    I feature i think would REALLY help and save tons of time in the animation editor would be an option in the import frames dialogue that creates a new angle X big every X frames imported.

    So say, i make a 3D rendered walk cycle sprite, i want it to have 8 directions so when i render the animation, i just render all 8 directions in the one big long animation, that way the hotspots are all in the right place when i import it.

    BUT the problem with doing it this way in construct is that i have to manually enter every angle for the animation, then import the big long animation with all the directions into the one angle, and cut each direction out and paste it into the proper angle it's supposed to be in.

    Sure it's not -too- much work for an 8 direction sprite, but for a 64 direction one (which unfortunately i like using) it's a nightmare.

    The whole process would become mind-numbingly simple if when importing my big long animation i enter something like, 'every X frames, create a new angle of X degrees'

    Then in one action, my giant 64 direction animation is all filled out with every direction's animation working properly AND it has all the hotspots in the right place!

    What a great idea!

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  • i second this, it would streamline importing a string of sprites with lots o angles

    starcraft did it like this, if u ever modded it or opened the animations up

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