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  • I've been creating a dialogue system and I've been running into issues with variable names I used to fetch the text.

    It basically works by fetching text from an external .txt file, I can go into more detail if needed later.

    Anyway, there are two variables: text, and ShutUp (I like to have fun with my variable names =P)

    text tells it what line to use.

    ShutUp tells it how many lines of dialogue are left before closing the message box.

    Anyway, occasionally, the variables will get mixed up and it will take the value from text and apply it to ShutUp and vice versa. The bug is semi-consistent: it always happens the same way every time, but if I add another NPC, it may change, meaning that if I just changed the variable values as a workaround, it could change whenever I add a new NPC, which would be annoying. I am unable to figure out what is going wrong.

  • Sorry about wrong section.

    Thought I was in Help&Support when I posted this, apparently I wasn't... Guess that's what I get for doing this at 3:30 in the morning.


    Can someone move this?

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  • I'm surprised you use plain text for the storage, perhaps an INI file would be better here in general (named text storage) as well as for avoiding this bug.

    Here's an example on INI files being used for saved games: INI Level Loader/Editor*

    *It's on the old forums, so any links it has won't work. Scroll to the bottom of page 1 to get the advanced loader and the editor.

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