sprite mesh CallFunctions and GetDatas

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  • CallFunction and GetData stuff to alter sprite meshes through other plugins

    it would be cool to be able to create spritespecific behaviors that can alter the mesh in crazy ways.

    alot of general sprite mesh alterations would be useful in more than one game

    effects like bending sprites around interpolated points, 3d rotation, meshes that stretch around other sprites, etc

    extremely convoluted with events, difficult to read, and require alot of eventing overhead

    these could be easily generalized, and cut down to a few inputs

    as of now, these meshing possibilities are only used by more advanced users, even though any user could understand something like (rotate mesh on z axis)

    I will eventually start making plugins that do things like this, and I believe others would as well.

    it would be beneficial if it was built into the official sprite plugin, and didn't require an additional 3rd party altered sprite plugin to be released

  • Oh yeah, stuff like that. Its doable, but we need more tools.

    Imagine single framed animations that can run, jump etc.

    Stuff like this:


    ^ It aint pretty but you get the picture.

    Thing is we kinda need a way to set image points from within the runtime too.

  • got something kinda like runtime imagepoints now for s

    the next version

    just the forward and reverse math for setting or getting an 'imagepoint'

    thats how shipbuilder worked

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  • Bring it on.

    Imagine using a height map to add weights to a mesh, like how you add weights to bones in a 3d model.

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