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  • Does anyone know if it would be possible to develop an addon for full VST support? So that i could put multiple VST effects on multiple channels, open the VST dialogue and change the settings in realtime

    Also wondering if MIDI support is possible? To send and receive MIDI messages. (e.g. use a MIDI keyboard, send messages to other sound apps, etc.)

    And finally, does anyone know how to play a sound on one channel, then play another sound on the same channel without cutting off the first?

    Construct would be brilliant for audio-visual instrument design if these things were possible


    Al Thumm

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  • The first two could only be done if you wrote a plugin for it. As for the third, only one sound can be played on a channel at a time.

  • How hard dyou think it would be to write a plugin for VST or MIDI?

    Is it a huge task?

    (I'm not a programmer so I don't really know how difficult it would be)

  • It would be a significant task if you don't know how to program, since you would have to learn to do so.

  • Ashley is the guy to ask about this, as he knows his way around audio engineering stuff, and more importantly, Construct. So Ash, how hard would it be to incorporate a filter or eq into Xaudio2? Would one need to write a whole new custom audio object to support these things? Is there a way to channel Xaudio2's output to another object?

    My geuss:

    To add to Construct's sound capabilities (ex: support VST effects), one would need to modify the Xaudio2 object to support passing audio to another object, or just add any effects directly into the Xaudio object itself, and rebuild the plugin. I geuss you can also make a completely new sound object too.

    And I would forget about using the VST's gui. If this plugin ever makes it into existance, the only way you're going to be editing the parameters is through actions (ex: set param3: cutoff: 30%.). Adding rendering and interface support for the VST gui is just not worth the time, even if it may be theoretically possible.

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