Sound system improvement

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  • Hi! I'm new here.

    I've just downloaded and tried the program, so I don't have understood all about it yet. But I think it's fantastic! Even if I've noticed, with utmost sadness, that there's very little support for sound files. ><

    I'll make here a list of some requests I'd like to be present in a future version! ^^

    • Support for .ogg files also as "Musics", and not just "Sounds" (with advanced looping functions, like LOOPSTART and LOOPLENGTH embedded tags support! It would be great!);
    • Support for "module" sound file formats, like Sound/Pro/Noisetracker (.mod), ScreamTracker (.s3m), Fast Tracker (.xm), Impulse Tracker (.it), MO3, and so on;
    • Support for "CRI Middleware" audio formats, such as .adx and .ahx (with looping functions, as well);
    • Support of 3D sounds (maybe this is already present);

    I don't know if all of these requests are feasible (and maybe some of these are already present, and I don't know yet >< I'm still studying the program), but I'd really appreciate if it would be so. ^^

    Thank you very much, and good work to everyone!

  • The MOD object, which seems to use MikMod, supports at the very least XM and IT, and I haven't tried other formats, but its description also includes S3M and MOD.

    It (MikMod) doesn't seem to support cutoff/resonance filters, and possibly not instrument fade-out. It also doesn't seem to have interpolation on the samples.

    A mod plugin using DUMB or libmodplug would be nice. If I knew what to do, and could concentrate, I would possibly try getting one of them to work with Construct myself.

  • Try the Xaudio2 and MOD plugins. They can do most of what you're asking for.

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  • You might be interested in positioned sounds in XAudio2, instead of 3D sounds (would that make sense in a 2D world?)

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