Can someone help me

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  • Hello,

    I would like to help with the development of construct and I'm an advanced C/C++ Programmer.

    My problem is I can't afford the prof-uis libs can someone please send them to me?

    I can't compile construct without them. Please send them to me at

    Thank you

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  • I really hope this isn't a request for pirated software. We don't do that here.

    And if this is a request for someone to buy it for you then I'd have to ask... who are you? Why should someone just buy some software and send it to you?

  • If you are an advanced c# and c++ programmer then i see no problem in saving up the money to buy the pro package,I did it this way.See who needs programmers and ask a fee to work on a project or game.There are many ads asking and paying alot for advanced programmers to do games or business programs.Im a freelance programmer and this is how i make my living.

    There are always ligitimate ways to get what you want.Besides each pro edition is unique to each user's pc setup.Do not ever i repeat ever try to get pirated C# or C++ software, you will end up with nothing but a lot of undesired viruses.

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