(SOLVED) Yet another Object Count question

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  • Hi there,

    i checked the object count threads to find a solution to my problem but it just dont works for me.

    i need a simple counter event

    Every random seconds will create an enemy, now want every single enemy add once 1 to my global "current enemys" var.

    Every enemy is exactly the same sprite, i tried it with the familie thingy but i cant get into it.

    so i heard something like:

    1. For each "enemy" -

    *subevent* Trigger once - add 1 to global variable XXX


    i also tried alot of other stuff but i just keep failing on this.

    now i have the feeling as soon as the second enemy is created, the trigger once event is broken and every 1 or few MS it adds another 1 to my global var.

    Would be nice if u could help me there. And if this is the case, pls make go more into detail like i did for the events

    Thx and good night.

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  • This might help,,,,,,,,,

  • thx for the answer but if i try to open it, it says it was made in a newer version of construct and cannot be open.

    I also checked for updates via "check for updates" inside the programm and the newest version is r1.2 :/

  • you can get the last version here

    http://sourceforge.net/projects/constru ... t/download

  • aah awsome, thanks !

    but this is the easiest way, i dont know if this works with my settings since my enemys get spawned at random times. Or does it trigger every time a enemy is created ?


    Yep it just works fine ! thx for the fast help and the download link !

  • No problem , just ask if you need any more help and good luck on your game

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