( SOLVED )3D Box Collision

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  • Hello,

    im trying some stuff and had the idea to create a super mario clone( just to play around with events and stuff) with 3d boxes.

    I got a 3d box for the player and want to break the bricks as soon as the top of my player box hit the bottom of the brick block. But for some reason it destroys every brick that is a.: in a row together or b.: connected together.

    Not sure about that but can someone help me there ?

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  • I have it working for you , but i have to tell you that the way you are going about this is all wrong and it would take quite a while to explain it to you . CC was not made to do 3d and you will run into a lot of problems trying to achieve what I think you are trying to do .

  • Well at first thx for the help,

    the thing is, i have a main project with sprites only.

    But sometimes i have an idea which i may want to include so i start an extra project to play around with events / 3D Boxes. I wasnt about to do a complete game this way but i thought i could look funny, so i tried.

    and i got this working like u just did, but i wanted to do this with 3d box collision only. T

    he red sprite was only made for the pipes.

    So again, thx for help.

    I call this problem solved =)

    and btw, it wont be my last shout for help so be aware ;D

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