Small suggestion: naming sprites

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  • Hi there,

    going through the Ghost tutorial I thought it would be nice to name a new sprite by default like its picture name (without file extension)

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  • What happens when you use a different image for each animation? Also, I, personally, might name one image "Tile v1" or "Tile v2" whereas in Construct I'd just choose the name "Tile." This feature would be annoying IMO.

  • I can see both sides. I can see how it would be useful, but also how it would be frustrating, depending on what the user is doing at the time, and turning an option on/off for it would probably be one of those easily forgotten options.

  • Ok I admit I don't have any experience in day to day use of construct.

    But for different images in an animation: only when a new sprite is created then it will be named like the image. And ok I see your point that images can be named different than the sprite should be. But in that case it would be no more work because you have to name the sprite anyway from "Sprite1" to anything usefull.

    But again, perhaps I get the whole thing wrong in my thinking, it just came to me during the Ghost tutorial and I thought most sprites will consist of just one image. (yeah, silly me...)

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