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  • just few ideas...

    Object Properties:

    • was thinking about sorting Effects List for screen, multiply overlay and all that kind of effects, wouldn't be better to put a combo box called blending modes somewhere near Filter in a "Common" menu? Personally i think the effects should be more like Blur, Distort, Glow or Flame 'cos they do something with the object and not only change their...hmm...blending modes
    • same with layers properties - "blending modes" just below/above "filter" could be more natural.

    Layout Editor:

    • past in place
    • unhide, unlock by name
    • zoom in/out with mouse wheel (without holding ctrl) - human lazyiness, sometimes it's hard to reach for the keybord

    Picture Editor:

    • Edit Box or something for entering and showing X and Y positions of Hotspots and Image Points (sometimes you need to move them lets say few pixels down and then you have fun trying to set them in proper position - i mean it's not that necessary but would be nice)
    • setting Hotspot/Image Points for many frames (ctrl+frame on The Filmstrip?)
    • Button for Circle and Rectangle to automatically fit them to image size or maybe edit box to enter size of them (same for elipse select and rectangle select)
    • Fix rotation (after rotating an image transparency is gone)
    • sometimes with big zoom in i can't see edges of my image and can't modify pixel on that area - maybe it's possible to drag the window behind bounds of the image window?

    Event Sheet Editor:

    • make a link or something for different values - ie. "Sprite.Value('Variable name')" would be easier instead of typing the name of that variable to let it open a list and choose existing variables for that object
    • same thing with Layers - instead of typing the name or number of Layer just pick existing one from the list


    • is it possible to place an icon of the first frame of current angle animation instead of that grey clockwise arrow? could help with navigation.

    that's it

    ...for now

    tell me what you think about that

    best regard.

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