Simple request/idea: A Frame Ticker

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  • Dunno if it already exists, but a frame ticker would be good.

    So you could use it in conditions, eg:

    Every 10 frames, offset 3

    --- do something

    Would mean that, after 3 frames, a 10-frame ticker initiates.

    This'd be good for having many instances of the same object. You could do this:

    Every 10 frames, offset random(10)

    --- do something

    All powerups would move at the same rate, but they'd be randomly offset. So you don't get all coins rotating in perfect unison, etc.

    And if you could create a function to run in 10 frames' time:

    On Start

    --- Function: Call 'Something' in 10 frames' time

    On 'Something'

    --- action

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  • There's an every X ticks condition in the system object... and the Function object can call a function after a delay (in milliseconds). Generally it's a good idea to use times in milliseconds instead of ticks, because if you have V-Sync on, your game will be ticking at different rates on different computers.

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