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  • There is tons of plugins seeming to be getting made. However there is no section for the development of them specifically nor is there a section for completed ones.

    Could we get these forum sections made so it will be easier to find completed and plugins and plugins under development?

  • The Construct Engineering forum is for plugin (and behavior and effect) developers, and the Completed Addons forum is for released plugins (and behaviors and effects).

  • Sorry did not see that as it is all scattered badly all over the forums I see talks of plugins in the engineering section and other sections, I guess its just not being posted where they should be. I apologize for this post, please ignore.

  • Yes, people really should be posting all of their completed plugins in the addons section. Unfortunately, we can't really make them do it. There are a lot of other plugins and effects that people have made that are missing from there, and they're posted all over the forum so collecting them all into a list would be kind of a chore.

  • I know everyone on this project is on as a volunteer basis but could I request the moderators to try and clean it up and keep it organized? I know you all work hard and such but I think it would improve peoples overall views of Construct.

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  • Uhhhnnn so much work...

    So lazy...

    Fine, I'll see what I can do about it. Don't hold your breath, though... it'll probably be a couple of days before a list is up.

  • Thank you any time investment towards bettering the forums and the information contained is much appreciated.

  • I don't consider most of my plugins completed, so I'm waiting to finish them up completely before posting them in the "Completed plugins" section. I don't want to post something that's potentially buggy as completed. Hopefully I'll find time to finish all of them up fairly quickly.

  • Perhaps we need a 'beta addons' section.

    A forum isn't ideal for listing addons anyway - it's a temporary measure until there's a proper addon sub-site, and I don't think anyone on the team has time to make one.

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