Set timer command?

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  • Would it be difficult to implement a 'set timer' action? The shooter I'm working on uses timed events extensively, and there are parts where I need to basically pause the timer (set it to a value every frame). That would be very helpful for branching paths, too.

  • I can do one in a build or two, but you can work around it using your own clock in a global variable. Store the clock offset in a global, and use a function in the function object to get the time - return from the function something along the lines of:

    timer - global('clock offset')

    Then, to set the timer, you can change the 'clock offset' variable.

  • I had tried making my own timer, but kept running into reasons why the conditions wouldn't work - but I just realized a way to make it work (forgot about that handy 'trigger once' condition!). I guess I don't need that feature after all (tho it would still be handy). Either way, thanks!

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  • I guess I spoke too soon - the events I'm making sometimes aren't running, and I don't know why. If that set timer action would still be possible, I'd really appreciate it.

    Edit: Stupid post, they were running, reason was my fault.

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