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  • Okay I know this is way beyond the scope of Construct's purpose, but hear me out.

    I would like to be able to use Construct to interface with a device via a serial port or a USB support. The device I had in mind is a microcontroller I would program, but if it's USB maybe it could be some sort of game controller.

    I'm not sure how controller support is going to work. I'm assuming that you will add say a "360 Controller" object much the way you would add a Mouse/Keyboard object. That's not what I'm requesting. I'm requesting to add a USB object and be able to talk to the USB port on a lower level. So here's the pitch: The game programmer could program in support for any controller he/she chooses. If you want to try porting a USB joystick that Construct doesn't support you would be able to. If you want to buy some accelerometer and build a controller out of it, you could use that too. And you could do it basically by writing the driver inside of Construct.

    Okay, I know I am crazy, but is there any small chance that this might squeeze in before say 8.0 ? Is it even possible?

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  • Might be nice for putting games on a stick.

    Also unrelated 200 get.

  • i'd definitely get use out of this. using Construct to interface with an Arduino project would be kickass.

  • It is a nice idea, but as you hinted at, it's very low on our priorities.

    It's very possible though that after 1.0 there'll be plugin developers on the scene who may take up the challenge.

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