Selling Construct Classic?

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  • Hi!

    I'm not sure if Construct Classing ,being open source and all, makes it okay to sell it as a program. I was just searching for construct unrelated things on google images, when I saw the image of the demo ghost shooter, and when I clicked it I was surprised to see someone on Ebay are selling the construct classic program.

    I thought I'd bring it up in case this is not allowed.

    Not sure if I can posts ebay links here.

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  • Are you sure it isn't for a book/course/mentorship or something else that compliments CC

    Opensource is open to the public, meaning you can get the source code for free.

    I know many people who sell open source software, but they aren't selling the software. They usually selling an additive (education/service/ etc).

    Wordpress is opensource. But you can buy themes, which are opensource except for the design which is copyrighted. So the sale of the themes is usually for 1 year support.

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