Selecting placed objects by visible pixels

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  • I'd love it if, in the layout editor, you picked objects by clicking on their opaque pixels instead of their bounding box. With lots of sprites tightly placed to make up terrain it gets hard to pick the ones behind others that are still visible.

    Hope you consider it!

  • Better yet, dropdown list of objects beneath the cursor, just select the one you want. Right click option?

  • I don't see how that's better when my point was the object underneath I want to pick has part of it visible, but right now the above object will get picked if part of its bounding box is covering the object I want.

    A dropdown list seems like overcomplicating things a lot, and you wouldn't be placing objects completely underneath others very often, would you?

  • i can see how both would be useful

  • Well, often I find myself stockpiling transparent objects on top of each other, for example Canvas, tiled background and stuff. Getting the right one is quite an exciting adventure!

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  • This is more of a construct2 type request or a pipedream, but it'd be really cool to get a temporary isometric side view like winvista

    <img src="">

    but yeah, if I'm stacking objects like you just mentioned mipey, I usually pick them from the object bar, and set their location either manually, with properties panel, or through events in start of layout

  • dropdown would be great

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