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  • Yeah, I know, this has already been asked in the past. I just want to know how it's going.

    Is there already a way to take screenshots and save them in a Construct-made game?

    If yes, where is it? I do need it!


  • I believe you can use a canvas object, have it grab the layout, then send it to the image manipulator, which can save it as a file.

  • Well, I don't find how to do that with the Canvas Object. How do I grab the layout, and then send it to the Image Manipulator?

  • I don't think the canvas object is an option at the moment, it seems to be broken right now. But if you want to try it, just put the canvas object in it's own layer, make the layer invisible. Then when you want to take a screenshot, have the layer appear and the canvas grab the screen behind it. I think that's how it's done.

  • The canvas object does have some bugs, but I tried it in one of my .caps and it worked.

    Put the canvas on the top layer

    Make sure it's always in front of everything

    In the properties, set it to grab the layout before drawing

    On event, imagemanipulator, copy from sprite: canvas

    Then imagemanipulator, save to file

  • Okay, I [think I] did all that but it saves only a white image.

    How can you know an object is on a layer and not on another?

  • You can either drag it to the correct layer, or use the move to layer action at runtime.

  • Well, I tried all that and there's no way to take a picture! The Canvas is on the top layer, and I have an action where ImageManipulator copy from the sprite Canvas. I tried all :

    • to make the top layer invisible then maing it visible when I want to screenshot
    • to make the top layer invisible all the time
    • to make the top layer visible all the time
    • to make the Canvas opacity 0%

    It always result to a whole black or a whole white .bmp file.

    Here's the link to download my .cap file :

    Thanks if you have time to check it and tell me what I made wrong.


  • Looks like it's not working because of the bugs mentioned before. I'm not sure why it worked in my .cap and not yours - I couldn't get it to work with a new .cap either. Sorry, but it looks like there isn't any way to take a screenshot until those bugs get fixed.

  • I just made a .cap that took a series of sequential screenshots (16 in a row) and no matter what I did, the first shot was always plain white.

    That might explain why you're getting a plain white file. Maybe you could "prime" the canvas ahead of time, like have it paste a worthless object on start of layout and then discard it. I dunno, it's worth a shot.

    Or maybe the canvas is just a tick behind when saving the image with Image Manipulator or something...? Further testing is needed on this to pinpoint the bug, I think.

  • shouldn't it grab the layout AFTER drawing?

  • shouldn't it grab the layout AFTER drawing?

    i was thinking the same thing

  • Um, whaddaya mean? I wasn't pasting stuff to the canvas at Start of Layout if that's what you mean.

  • Like I said, canvas is bugged. Where and how, I don't know, but someone had posted it on the bug report thing around the time I posted about it not appearing correctly.

    P.S. Thanks for changing your avatar Deadeye to something less... upsetting lol!

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  • My favorite image host apparently decided to not allow hotlinking except for certain domains . I only just now realized that because all the images I linked from there were cached and I didn't know my avatar wasn't working...

    *sigh* Time to find a new image host.


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