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  • Hello everyone!

    I've recently discovered this project and I quite like it. I was really impressed by it's possibilities. I really want to help this project, but I do not know C++ development or DirectX. However, I do have some experience in creating extensions for Mozilla Firefox.

    In order to help the Scirra community, I've created a Scirra Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and newer, which is the least I could do.

    It currently provides quick links to Construct/Scirra related websites and a quick Forum Search box. It also states the current version of Construct. I'm open to any feature requests!

    To download Scirra Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox just click..


    Happy to help,

    Dave Lobacz

    Note: This toolbar was not created with Conduit, or any other Toolbar Creation service that stuffs your computer with viruses, spyware and malware. However, I have chosen to include code which logs your every click, and as such, this toolbar is not safe.

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  • If you were unlucky enough to fall for this, you should uninstall it immediately. This logs cookies - and thus passwords, usernames - and clicks, and is certainly malicious.

    This thread is now locked and the link removed.

  • If anybody has any evidence who is behind this attack, please contact me immediately at so the proper steps can be taken.

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