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  • Okay so I've set up CafePress shop where you can order some scirra merchandise and fan products (and well there are few of my old test products)

    There is small 1,5 dollar (maybe higher in really big items) profit margin in every scirra product and this goes straight into scirra developers (well first into my paypal I guess and from there to developers, so you have to trust me just a little bit )

    But without longer talks take a look at the shop!

    It's nothing big but it's a start and if you send me cool graphics I will try to make them into cool merchandises!


    So tell me your opinions and if you don't agree with the profit margin just tell me and I shall remove it if people don't like the idea!

    And yeah if someone wonders I did ask Ashley and he gave greenlight

  • While I am not a fan of that style of hat, it looks bad on my small head :-p It is a very attractive and high quality graphic! Nice job.

    Are you going to make tee shirts?

  • I'd quite dig a key-chain in the shape of the Construct logo.

  • Yeah, those are just neat. Key chains are nice too but I don't know how they are made. I'd want a Mug or just a Pen.

  • shirts are easy to make but I need someone to make some graphics for them except if you're okay with just plain scirra logo

    And yeah I'll get mug ready today and well I check if there's key chains

  • Okay I added mousepad, mug and shirt with the same scirra logo but if you want to contribute just send me a pm and your awesome scirra graphics

  • Yey!!! A MUG!! Now I can drink coffee while making those Construct games!! CAn you also do a jacket?

  • a black t-shirt with the Construct logo(green) on the back would be awsome

    with a kitchy slogan under it like

    • Scirra, Construct the world you ever wanted...

    (and writed small under)

    • without programming knowledge

    sound cool ?

  • as a collector of coffee mugs, i approve of this.

    carry on.

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  • a black t-shirt with the Construct logo(green) on the back would be awsome

    with a kitchy slogan under it like

    -Scirra, Construct the world you ever wanted...

    (and writed small under)

    -without programming knowledge

    sound cool ?

    Get me high resolution one (the green logo) and it can be done and hmm I gotta check the jacket thing I'm not 100% sure


    It seems there is an performance jacket option but it doesn't look nice

  • I was thinking like for the jacket, it would be like a company jacket or something for Construct Developers

  • some private tshirt, only dev can wear it...or... you die

    well i could try to find some slogan...

  • Nice caps!.Now we only need a Scirra dev mag that'd be sweet.

  • Um?

    Not sure that one works.

    Any way a mouse pad would be cool.

    Whats the dpi and dimensions needed?

  • If you need dimension guidance you can find them here:

    And for DPI 100-300 is good depending a bit

    And that Stop thinking, Start drinking was old test I made been there for over 2 years I think (Will change it to Scirra T-Shirt when I get good graphcis from somewhere)

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