Scirra Construct supporting change your compiler

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  • Like, to compile for linux (using OpenGL), compiled for Mac OSX, iPhone, and the Zeebo (with OpenGL ES 1.1)

    How would it work?

    Before making the game, choose the video platform (DirectX, SDL, OpenGL and the like), then when the game is ready, the Construct create an editable (. Cpi), and hence could pick any compiler.

    What do you think?

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  • *facepalm*

  • hence could pick any compiler.

    Let's try to keep requests in the realm of possibility. I believe Construct 2 will support writing run-times for different platforms.. but that is drastically different than supporting some type of editable output file that can be compiled on any system. Hopefully, you meant the former and it is something planned way .. way down the road.

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  • Like, to compile for linux (using OpenGL), compiled for Mac OSX, iPhone, and the Zeebo (with OpenGL ES 1.1)

    Is it too later to add Logo to the list? That be be so cool!

  • I'd like to compile to Android, Symbian, and J2ME, if you guys could just quickly add that, thanks. Oh, and make sure the iphone compiler has support for ipad specific featues.

  • *facepalm*


    My thoughts exactly.

  • Why not add Malbolge and Brainf*ck to the list as well? Should be just as possible.

    what you want would take a complete rewrite of Construct, and make the development time greater than that of Duke Nukem Forever.

  • I know it might sound unhelpfull and nasty BUT DO SOME SEARCHING ITS BEEN SUGGESTED AND TALKED TROUGH LIKE ZILLION BILLION TIMES -.- I understand requests like err what was the behaviour that's follow the line or anyways AS it has been only suggested like million times....

    Seagull thinks he made his point clear so im outta here!

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