Scale a Tiled Background

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  • Shall be nice if there was a option to scale the tiled background, most png's you can scale 200% and it still looks verry good, you save a lot of Vram and a lot of work to fill your levels , at least in my case, now I have to copy a few hunderd sprites for each level at scale 150% to 250%

    while else I did the same with 50 tiled backgrounds

    Forgot to tell that it was nice if you can rotate it to.

    Hoply a good idea for C2, and..... nice to have in C1 as well

  • These options are already there. The actions are called

    Set image angle

    Set image offset

    Set image scale ... und_Object

    The wiki isn't all that bad

  • Thanks Tulamide, did not think about to check to do it with events but it's not what I want.

    If you build levels in the layout editor you wanna see what you get, why its posible with sprites and not with tiled backgrounds that easy?

    Its a solution what you give here but if you dont see it right away when building a level in the layout editor......

    I dont see me change the rotation of a tiled background in the event sheet every time and jump back in the layout editor to see how it works out.

    But I just see it from my point of view, and maybe for others it works out, it all depends also what kinda game and levels you build I think.

    Don't take it negatieve, I appreciate youre help and I have learned from it, but I wish it was working the way I can use it at the moment

  • You can always try something like this to check the results at runtime :


    Only works for power of 2 images though.

  • Thanks Prawnsushi, its a nice .cap example to learn from.

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  • My pleasure

    You can check the PVs values with the debugger. Once you like what you see, just set the values at start of layout.

    And actually i made a little mistake : "on middle button down" should be 'on middle button clicked".


  • Thanks again Prawnsushi

  • Is it possible to lock a tiled background into place, say if it covers the whole screen?

  • Is it possible to lock a tiled background into place, say if it covers the whole screen?

    You can either lock the layer it's on (say it's the "BG" layer).

    Or, you can right-click it and go to Lock Selected.

  • [quote:lrveyg9z]Or, you can right-click it and go to Lock Selected

    There is no 'Lock Selected' when right clicking on it, that's the first thing I tried.

  • That's very odd, since it should be an option in the right-click menu.

    There's still locking the entire layer with the BG TiledBackground in it- I usually do that when I have an entire layer dedicated to Tiled Backgrounds.

  • The Right-Click option is under Hide/Lock>Lock Selected

    Maybe that's how you missed it.


  • Err, where?

    <img src="">

  • Uhh not in Construct 2.

  • Yeah, you've posted your question in a forum that's for C1, in a thread that's about C1, so you should really have posted a new thread in the C2 section, or at the very least, stated that you were talking about Construct 2.


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