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  • ::: It would be nice if Construct remembered the "Save as" path for applications and the "Open" in the Picture Editor separately.

    Currently, if you import a graphic through the Picture Editor, and a little while later decide to save the app under an incremented backup (so you can't use "Save"), the file window takes you to the folder you last used, which for me is the graphics folder.

    It also works in reverse, so after saving a file using "Save as", when you go to import a graphic, you are taken to the app folder.

    I do have my app files and graphic files close together (they're in sub-folders of my "projects/Construct" folder, but it does require a couple of clicks to get to the correct directory for what construct is trying to do.

    ::: Another thing that would be useful is to be able to see the filename of the current project in the Title bar, rather than just the project name.

    ::: Finally, and this may already be in there, but I've missed the shortcut, it would be nice to have a shortcut to get the scale back to 100% in the layout editor.

    Using CTRL+ Mouse-wheel to zoom in and out of the editor is a godsend in the same way it is in Firefox, but unlike Firefox, CTRL+0 doesn't resize it back to 100% (again, I'm sure it's probably in there somewhere, but I haven't looked hard enough).



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  • Here's another one worth mentioning.

    The colour of the description text on a disabled Group is almost unreadable.

    At least on Vista it is.

    <img src="">

    Are you using system colours for this?

    I'd prefer to see specific colours used, so that they can be seen on everyone's computer.

    Maybe even give us a choice of colours.


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