Safe movement behavior

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  • This behavior "pushes out" the Sprite from the "Solid" objects as the Platformer or 8-Direction behavior.

    To make something move, you use events like this one:

    Move Sprite at angle X with speed Y

    Jump Sprite towards X with jump strength Y

    It's "safe" because it can never overlap a solid object and can go at fast speeds like the Platformer behavior. Useful if you have to make a quick AI for a game.

    Make "gravity" checkable like in Platform behavior.

    Please implement this one, there are many great uses I can think of.

  • There is a "Generic Movement" behavior in the works that does pretty exactly what you're describing. I don't know what it's called, but "generic movement" is pretty much what it does.

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  • I made Move Safely object

    Yeah custom movement is in the works...its on cvs as well if people are curious to how its going...they can also see how long its been since I last worked on it


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