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  • Hi,

    Currently, you cannot have more than one preview of your game. This isn't usually a problem, but even if you open a second instance of construct, you cannot run both previews at the same time. This is very annoying for developing networking stuff, as you often need to make changes to client and server, and its a bit of a hassle having to export the .exe every time.

    Also, what is the harm of being able to open multiple previews anyway? I don't really mind not being able to open multiple previews of one game, but it would be very nice if I could have 2 constructs running, and have both running previews.

    Can this be done?


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  • Run one in debug mode and other in preview mode.

  • haha sweet! Definitely should have tried that... cheer man

    EDIT - This works if you run the layout first, then debug second. HOWEVER, they run the same file. I want to run my 2 different programs that i have open in different instances of construct.

  • This happens because all instances of Construct try to write to the same Temp.exe file.

    I've fixed it for the next build, you can run multiple previews, even from the same instance of the IDE. They go to Temp.exe, Temp2.exe, Temp3.exe...

  • oh my word this is excellent!

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