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  • I'm OKAY with python, but since I'm working on a A-RPG I require a dialog box. But since it will be most likely used in every layout(MAP) would python be an answer?

    And would the easiest way of creating a D.Box just to make the D.Box appear first then show dialog?


    define TextBox(txt) 
    txtbox_show = false;
    txtbox_view = 60;
    txtbox_wait ++
    txt = '';
    if txtbox_wait >= txtbox_view && txtbox_show=false
            txtbox_show = true
    if txtbox_show = true
       print txt
    So like in game you'd write TextBox("Text here"); 
    While I'm sure the code works in some sense, it would be nice if I knew that python was the answer to a rpg dialog function. Also, rpgs have color tags. so like TextBox("Hey, my name is jirishi")
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  • You could use eventing. Just put the functions in a seperate event sheet and include it in every map..

  • Could you elaborate some more? I'm kinda like "Huh...." right now.

  • You can create a background or panel for the Boxes, a portrait for the characters, and a dialog box all on a layer by themselves that doesn't scroll. Make them invisible at startup and set them to visible whenever your player talks to an NPC.

    I've uploaded a couple caps as examples, the first one is mostly about adjusting your dialog boxes to fit the size of the dialog, but it also includes a primitive example of a scripting system. (as in movie scripts)

    http://www.box.net/shared/flbrtsc86h - Pre-99.42 version.

    This second version is an attempt at a better dialog system, it still adjust the text boxes, but you also have three NPC's to talk to in it and theres portraits that swap based on which one it is.

    http://www.box.net/shared/8zb2lnnsca - Requires 99.42

    Its not a tutorial, but is pretty well commented.

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