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  • Hello, im new to the forum.

    I want to ask if is it possible to make a top down rpg, like final fantasy or chrono trigger.

    i bet its possible but i cant fugired out how to make the movement an the animations.

    i mean : when i press left button it goes to the left and changes its "idle" picture, and if i keep pressing the left button it ll walk

    i cant do that :/

    or just how to active an animation just by pressing x button

    having the respective sprites for each movement of course

    thank you

  • Do a basic tutorial, like ghost shooter. It should answer most basic questions about construct.

    And yes, it's possible.. but making a large rpg in construct is very hard, tons of work, and highly unrecommended for beginners.

  • i just wanna have the movement, not the real deal.

    my problem is that im trying to animated a 8 direction sprite the way a platoform sprite is animated. front view while it walks towards me backwards when he walks away from me that kind of stuff chrono trigger style

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  • If you want to, my suggestion is to follow Davio's advice. The tutorials will teach you everything you need to know and offer great introductions to all of Construct's features. A good place to start would actually be Deadeye's Platform School Tutorial:

    He gives a great overview on setting up conditional animations. Yea, the tutorials are for 2D sidescrolling platformers, but the principles really are the same as far as animations in Construct go. You'll want to get used to the event sheet system and variables and such, as they are what give you control over what animations are being displayed at any given time on whatever sprites are picked.

    I really really recommend listening to Davio if you want to get anywhere with Construct. Go through the tutorials and become intimate with the program. They explain far better and through examples. I can tell you from experience as I myself am working on a top down action RPG and would not have gotten anywhere with it if I hadn't gone through the tutorials.

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