Can I ReUse Code from previous .caps in my new App?

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  • Can I cut and paste or drag and drop from one of my projects to another new project?

    You know so I dont have to keep writting the same events and actions over again?

    Say I have objects and events for a "Better Color Picker" that I will use in all my projects can I just

    copy them over somehow?

  • the only way would be to

    write those event as python scripts

  • Are you sure? The only way? Sounds kinda concret. If this is true then I think Developers should

    create a means to make it easier somehow to reuse parts or complete .cap even...importing or


  • Davo, can you copy paste events between .caps?

  • Construct crashes when I try that.

  • Davo, can you copy paste events between .caps?

    For me it only works if I was to open two cap that have the same data and paste between them.

    My guess of why it work is because there is no missing data be tween them.

    So it is able to paste events in the in the second cap.

  • This might be something to consider for a future feature. Being able to export/import event sheets.

    I don't know how, or even if, it could be done, but it would certainly make the event sheets even more awesome than they already are.

  • I think it would only be useful if we could get both layout and event sheets.

    Most events refer to objects after all.

  • I've been holding off on responding because I don't know if the feature will be completed, but since a lot of people seem to be asking and this is a topic that has come up a lot I guess I will. And I really don't like speaking for others, but... eh.

    David said in chat that he had the beginnings of being able to copy and paste objects and events from one .cap to another in the works. There. Now I guess it's up to him to confirm/deny it

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  • The best way I can see this working is to have a Link To .cap feature,

    that a connects to to the cap that you pick,

    and when you copy and paste events from one cap to another cap

    all the objects, variables, behaviors, and effects, and etc. that are in the copied event can be brought over with no problems.

  • I don't see how such a feature is necessary if Construct would just create all those instances upon pasting foreign objects into a new CAP.

  • I don't see how such a feature is necessary if Construct would just create all those instances upon pasting foreign objects into a new CAP.

    No, the reason why copying from on cap to another don't work is because it dose can't read data between caps.

    so if the object do not exist it would just freeze trying to make because the event sheet can't make objects and from the way you say it what is the point of copy and paste if pasting it don't bring all the data it just create new ones.

    Let say that the part of code that you are copying has a set animation action in it that animation won't be there it would be a 1 frame blank sprite.

    That why I through out the idea of a some kind of import feature.

  • Toralord, I think the point he is trying to make is that your feature would do what it is that just plain old copying from .cap to .cap would need to do in order to copy from .cap to .cap so what's the point in having the feature?

    Anyway, as I mentioned before David may have figured out a solution so it's all rather a moot point until we know for sure.

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