request: quick angle animation import

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  • hello guys

    my workflow is to model a character in 3dsmax, animate, and save the animation from all angles to png. it saves the animation either in folders named "up, downright..." or the angle "90, 180..."

    or it saves it with "up, down.. 90, 180..." in the filename (monster_walk01_upright.png) or both.


    i would like a faster automated way (prefereably one click) to assign the appropriate images to the angles in construct.

    what i have in mind:

    i create a new sprite, add an animation, and then specify a folder (like "monster/monster_walk") and it'll automatically assign the angles based on the filename. (maybe also an "update" button, if you've changed the animation files externally again)

    the main reason for it being very comfortable and there's so much tweaking going on, so much back and forth to make things look right, it's very helpful to see stuff in game very fast imo

    what do you think?


    PS: or is there already a way to do this? o_O

    edit: sorry, i had the tutorials page bookmarked,and kinda thought it was the main forum...

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  • i have made a couple of requests similar to this, I think it is a necessary addition to construct, especially for us renderheads who like to have isometric sprites.

    Granted, I've yet to get isometric to work...

    But it would even speed things up for people who aren't using many directions for their animations

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